Umm Abdillaah

For the Fertility Challenged Muslim Woman

Book Description

“Usually shrouded in secrecy, discussed with furtive looks and whispers or met with helpless silence, infertility is not a usual topic for discussion or the subject of many books in our society. With simple words, sensible advice and inspiring reminders and supplications, Muti’ah bint Abd-Razzaaq Badruddeen bravely changes that with her book ‘Umm Abdillaah: For the fertility-challenged Muslim Woman’”

“Umm Abdillaah” chronicles a journey along a long, difficult path. Most women, like those whose voices are echoed in the book, start life as married women full of hope; eagerly anticipating that the day when Allah will bless them with children of their own without too much effort or thought on their part. For many, that is exactly what happens. For a select few however, Allah has other plans. No one who wants children is ever the same from the moment the realization hits that conception and parenthood will not come as easily for them. Or perhaps not at all.

The author does a magnificent job of capturing the rollercoaster of emotions and vulnerabilities which women who find themselves in this position go through. There is the temptation to be despondent, and self-pitying and even God forbid, lose hope in Allah’s Mercy. She is spot on when she warns that the longing and obsession to have a child can “overwhelm [a woman’s] daily life becoming a constant ache which may paralyze a muslimah’s life, her relationship with Allah and the special people in her life.”