Muti’ah Badruddeen

My Story

Muti’ah grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and claims Ibadan as the hometown of her heart.

A self-proclaimed bibliophile who reads everything except fantasy and paranormal, Muti’ah is a licensed obstetrician who currently practices in Saudi Arabia. Her first two books were published in Nigeria; Faltering Steps is a coming-of-age novella about a young girl finding herself in the context of a better understanding and practice of Islaam. Umm’Abdillaah; For the Fertility-challenged Muslim Woman is a motivational self-help book for Muslimahs living with the challenges of subfertility.

When she is not reading, writing, mothering or doctoring, Muti’ah can be found watching documentaries on historical and social justice issues, exploring physical bookshops with her children or sleeping. She also enjoys building elaborate fantasies of what her life would be like if she did not have to work. In many ways, Muti’ah is still the reserved bookworm from her adolescence but she is slowly figuring out these new fang’d means of human connectedness called Social Media, where she loves engaging with readers of her work and other book lovers.

Her writing goals, other than sanity, is to tell meaningful stories of Muslims living their lives the best way they know how – primarily from an African Muslimah perspective.